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Concern VKO Almaz-Antey delivered the authorities the materials in the area of the Malaysian Boeing

Lianozovo Electro-mechanical Factory (further AO “NPO “LEMZ”, a part of AO VKO “Almaz-Antey”) is  a developer, manufacturer and a maintenance organization of EN-route radar complexes “Utes-T”, which is destined to control the civil aircrafts traffic, and which was settled on Rostov TRLK “Ust-Donetsk”.

In the end of July, 2014 the carriers of information of parent processors of “Ust-Donetsk” traffic locator was exchanged by the specialists of AO “NPO “LEMZ” in the framework of current service maintenance works, it contained the data about the air traffic situation dated July 2014, including as well the July 17th 2014 information in the area of the Malaysian Boeing crash under Ukraine territory.

Up until the current moment those carriers of information of parent processors were kept solely in the factory for the examination and further system quality control, for possible fault condition detection preventing any probable system mistakes.

In July 2016, after an official request of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation to AO VKO “Almaz-Antey” to grant the aid to International investigation and expose  all the existing information regarding the Malaysian Boeing crash the demands were directed to the factories, as well as to AO “NPO “LEMZ”.

Checked the information stored in the archives of factory for quality control of TRLK, the specialists of the factory manifested a possibly interesting for the investigation materials dated July 17th, 2014. This is so called primary radar patterns of air space in a row format.

In the meantime all the primary radar information being stored at AO “NPO “LEMZ” is transmitted to Russian competent authorities for examination and further transmittance to the Netherlander party.